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God’s Workplace, God in the Marketplace

BUSINESS and economic think-tanks and Governments all over the world have over the last 5 years recommended and implemented various policies to pull the world out of the economic crisis without much success. It is unprecedented that tried and tested solutions are implemented yet still fail to achieve their intended outcomes. Is the world in an ordinary recession or God is speaking to believers to rise up and take a stand in the financial and business matters of the world?

Jesus in his teachings uses parables to explain the Kingdom of God. From the parable of the 5 talents to the parable of the shrewd manager, there is evidence of Jesus’s appreciation of what happens in the world and uses these to explain the Kingdom of God.
When Jesus set about assembling his team of disciples, the Bible shows a pattern of enterprising people being called to serve with him. An illustration that God knows the impact that can be made by a person who understands what it means to work for a living or operate a business.

Kingdom Business Briefings (God’s Workplace, God in the Marketplace) is a conference organised on the back of a revelation that there is more that can be done to spread the influence of the Kingdom of God through the workplace and marketplace.

The Welcome Centre in Coventry, West Midlands, will host The Kingdom Business Briefings

The Welcome Centre in Coventry, West Midlands, will host The Kingdom Business Briefings

Kingdom Business Briefings, to be held in the West Midlands City of Coventry, will gather Christian business people, entrepreneurs and professional practitioners from the United Kingdom and beyond for a day of exploring the role of Gospel in the workplace and marketplace. Particular emphasis will be on how God’s Principles when applied can transform businesses and impact communities.

Speakers and presenters for the event will be drawn from business and community leaders and entrepreneurs who will take time to share their experience and testimonies. There will be lively discussion forums to understand God’s place in business and workplace.
The day will run concurrently with an exhibition where Christian entrepreneurs will showcase their products and services.
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