There is no substitute for prayer …Selah”
~ Nomatter Sande

This is Pastor Nomatter Sande’s life mantra. Since his birth in Zimbabwe Goromonzi, to years spent in Coventry UK, he has pursued his ministerial calling, which was nothing less than purpose birthed out of prayer. As for now, he is making his purpose a reality. One of Nomatter’s calling is to become a true worshipper. The greatest expression of this passion is enhanced by his desire to bringing believer’s relationships with God, hearing the voice of God, actualising it and develop an independent spiritual walk with God. His appetite for studying, preaching and teaching the word of God exhibit not only his love for God’s people but an unquenchable compassion for the lost souls. Nomatter is personable, and this helped him to reach out to all age groups and varied social status. Consequently, being a Resident Pastor of AFMIM Mount Zion, he envisions the church as being a leading multi-cultural Pentecostal church in the city of Coventry UK.

Another purpose for Nomatter is to become a theologian strategically developing effective leaders. As such, as an active educational entrepreneurship, he has presented at academic conferences around the world and published some works both on academic research and devotional life. Currently, Nomatter is working to establish an academic journal focusing on Pentecostalism and Social Responsibility. For seven years, Nomatter was Academic Dean of Living Waters Theological Seminary (Zimbabwe). He also excelled in Lecturing at Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU), Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU) and Domboshawa Theological College (DTC). In his spare time, Nomatter has proved to be a die-hard lover of cross-cultural dynamics by volunteering in diverse socio-cultural and economic projects.

He holds a Diploma in Theology (Living Waters Theological Seminary), Diploma in Religious Studies (University of Zimbabwe), B.A. Honours in Religious Studies (University of Zimbabwe, Master of Arts in Religious Studies (University of Zimbabwe), Currently studying PhD in Religion and Social Transformation (University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa).